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In the traditional Chilean cuisine, dishes from the countryside and the sea stand out. To try this food, in the historic center and its popular neighborhoods there are snacks and restaurants where the kitchens deliver the aromas and flavors of the country.

Mercado Central


In this building inaugurated on September 15, 1872, local restaurants with sea dishes such as seafood mix, sea pans, parmesan razor clam or fried fish with side dishes stand out. In addition, there are fishmongers, seafood restaurants, butchers, delis, botry, dried fruits, rotisseries, bakeries, handicrafts and Chilean traditions.


Block formed by the streets of San Pablo, 21 de May, Ismael Valdés Vergara and Puente.

La Vega Central


Market where fruits and vegetables from the central area of ​​Chile are sold, as well as meats, cheeses, eggs, fish, frozen products, pastries, doughs, nuts, toasters, pickles, legumes and much more.


Block formed by the streets Dávila, Antonia López de Bello, Rengifo and Salas.

Vega Chica


In addition to fresh meats, vegetables and fruits, here are several cuisines with typical Chilean dishes at popular prices, where we highlight their broths, beans, casseroles and much more.


Artesanos 721.

Mercado de Abastos Tirso de Molina


On the second floor of this market are the kitchens that feature Chilean dishes accompanied by international cuisine such as Peruvian, Colombian, Thai or Venezuelan.


Artesanos 700

La Piojera


This place has been operating since 1896 and reflects the popular culture of central Chile, through its music, where cueca is the protagonist. Here you should try the "Terremoto" that is basically prepared with piped or white wine, pineapple ice cream, a splash of fernet or grenadine. To eat, you cannot miss the pork leg (prenil) with boiled potatoes.


Aillavilú 1030

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