Music of Santiago

Among the stages that receive bands or soloists are specialized halls, bars and restaurants where live music invites to extend the days of celebration in Santiago.

Matucana 100


This cultural center has a varied offer of gigs, festivals and musical shows.


Matucana 100

The Huaso Enrique


With more than six decades of history, this restaurant presents every weekend the best exponents of the cueca.

Quemado por la policía

Quemado por la policía


Maipú 462.

La Gárgola


It is one of the cultural spaces that has marked the Yungay neighborhood in recent years with a valuable architectural rescue, patrimonial furniture, artistic activities, gastronomic initiatives and live musicians under a warm atmosphere.


Maipú 357.

Bar Raíces


Its musical billboard with bands that invite joyfullness, is accompanied by a festive environment where the night always ends in dancing. Good prices for the entrance, beers and drinks.


Cueto 816.



In this place each weekend there are groups that enhance the culture and music of indigenous peoples.


Nataniel Cox 185-B.

Centro Arte Alameda


Always be attentive to their programming, as they surprise with a diversity of musical styles that they present in their facilities. In addition, they have cinema, exhibitions, gastronomy and more.

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la policía


Av. Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 139.

Peña de Nano Parra


This traditional space houses diverse popular styles of music, although it is most likely that cumbia bands are the ones that encourage the party.


Ernesto Pinto Lagarrigue 80.

Bar El Clan


Here the bands, soloists and Djs coexist with the audience in a warm atmosphere. It has become a classic of the Bellavista neighborhood, where prominent national and foreign artists have performed.


Bombero Núñez 363

Bar Loreto


From Wednesday to Saturday the alternative bands and national and international DJs that are dedicated to rock, indie, pop, garage and soul, among other musical styles, are indispensable.


Loreto 435

Maestra Vida


You have to go with the desire to party, since the bands and the DJs that animate the nocturnal days are characterized by making you dance with madness, until the body tells you that you have to stop.


Pío Nono 380.



This space in Bellavista, which calls itself "Place of Jazz", weekly presents a broad billboard with musicians and bands that expose this musical genre.


Bombero Núñez 336.

Club Chocolate


Ample spaces in the heart of the Bellavista neighborhood, have turned it into the stage so that outstanding national and international bands offer their musical presentations comfortably.


Ernesto Pinto Lagarrigue 192.

SCD Bellavista


Although it is a room without alcohol, it is an unmissable place to see a band or soloist, emerging or consolidated, before starting the party in the Bellavista neighborhood.


Santa Filomena 110.


Bar de René

This place sounds like rock. With beers by the liter, strong piscolas, full music and quite relaxed environment, it is a classic with 20 years cheering neighbors and visitors of Santa Isabel Avenue.


Santa Isabel 0369.

Sala Master


For more than two decades, it supports the promotion and diffusion of national music, through live performances by emerging or consolidated musicians.


Miguel Claro 509.

Club Subterráneo


Djs, soloists and musical groups generate the festive atmosphere of this place, which is located in the epicenter of Bohemian Providencia, where the days inevitably lengthen until dawn.


Pasaje Orrego Luco 46.

La Batuta


Outside the perimeter of La Vieja Ciudad in Santiago, La Batuta appears. A Ñuñoa classic that promotes live music since 1989.


Jorge Washington 92.

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